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Clue: Marketing

Cadence & Slang is a book of evergreen principles that help you build useful products. Over 3,400 copies sold to date.

Clue is a cycle-tracking mobile app for iOS and Android. Its marketing looks like this:

Why “not pink?” Because most women’s apps are – and that’s sometimes a sticking point. Numerous female friends and colleagues have spoken with me about how they don’t want butterflies, magenta, or script typefaces.

Contrast Clue’s depicted screenshot with this competitor:

Interaction model aside, just looking at the graphic design, which would you rather use? 7.1 and 7.4 of Cadence & Slang instruct you to account for a variety of perspectives and customs when putting together your application, and the more neutral you can make something, the more likely it is to speak to a broad array of people.

Because some people might like pink on their application, but others may not. You could argue that pink is a business decision to make the software more “opinionated,” but software’s opinions should be expressed in terms of the interaction model, not the graphic design. And alienating people isn’t good business.


  • Account for the plurality of your audience. If you’re making a period tracker, you’re making it for most women. They have a wide range of expectations and norms. Lest you think going general is hard, most big tech companies manage to do it successfully. Why not you?
  • Do research. I’m a dude, but I found this all out by asking questions, shutting up, and listening for a few hours. Surely the opinions of my friends and colleagues aren’t an isolated one-off. And if they are, you can always discover that with more research.

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